LFWaw16:Pandemonia, Papps and Ones to Watch

Firstly, London fashion peeps and designers still be┬ákillin’ it. Whether it’s stolen, borrowed, regurgitated and (ahem) bettered from everything everywhere -this year’s major designers (Vivienne, Gareth, Pam, Julian…and ofcourse McQueen smashed it with killer pieces! Secondly, I’m giving myself a pat on the back. That’s right, because I did a 14hour day on the Saturday catching 5 shows, two events and three pit-stops for bites. Not food- bites! Ok ok it’s not that big a deal, my homeboy and godfather of tailored swag Maurice at The Evening Standard does this marathon dash from place to place every season and has … Continue reading LFWaw16:Pandemonia, Papps and Ones to Watch

Yen? Yen? Yen!

Miss Brown got round to the Royal Court Theatre’s press night showing of Anna Jordan’s play a couple of weeks ago and was left moved and satisfied. Satisfied to the point of grinnin’ teet’! I must admit in the beginning I found it a little cliche and fairly recycled. Yen is testament to this theatre’s reputation for showcasing gritty and stimulating stories of the ‘underclass’ and disenfranchised- if only more of ‘these people’ were sat upstairs watching to balance theatre’s ‘class-porn’… This story is centred on a broken- actually that’s incorrect. The family is fucked up! A skinny 16 year … Continue reading Yen? Yen? Yen!

Bellanger: Corbin & King Put Down Their Ting- Upon Islingt’n!

You’ve probably seen the 5**** reviews for Bellanger in Time Out and ES mag by now which were out a couple of weeks ago (giving me a kick up the arse to get this up!) And you may have thought ‘nah, rather go Nando’s up the road cuz’, which is fair. Bellanger’s not the sort of place I would be getting round to on the regs, not with all the varied flavoursome cuisines about, yet I give it a full on ‘spud’. It’s ruddy neat! I was tipped off in September at Zedel after LFW round the corner in Soho. … Continue reading Bellanger: Corbin & King Put Down Their Ting- Upon Islingt’n!