Undercover: “Britain’s First Prime-time TV Drama With Black Actors In Both Lead Roles” …Err WTF?!?

Oh wow- thank you BBC! At last you’ve done it and we can stop asking, begging and seeking diversity on screens in London let alone the UK.

Said nobody.

Undercover’s on tonight at 9pm for a 6-part series on Sundays written by Peter Moffat and starring sick actors Sophie Okonedo (half Jewish) and Adrian Lester as a married couple, with Sophie’s character a lawyer moving up the ranks to become the first ‘black’ director of public prosecutions whilst her husband reveals a deep secret which could set her career and marriage to flames. Sounds juicy!

Last week the BBC and the media got hypin’ with headlines like the above. I took a double take when I read it, but I was like ‘nahh, can’t be’. It could be that ‘Undercover’ is the only ‘prime-time’ drama centred on two main characters only, with the two main roles (leads) being played by two ‘black’ actors. I doubt it is but even so it’s not factually correct.

The Escape Artist
Maya Gardner (SOPHIE OKONEDO) – (C) Endor Productions – Photographer: Steffan Hill

We’ve had lots of awesome dramas, films and comedies across the decades with BME actors playing lead characters, if we are to focus on the ‘B’ (black) we’ve had Top Boy, Luther, Chewing Gum, Moses Jones, The Crouches and Phoneshop to name a few in the past decade so claiming it’s ‘the first to feature two black actors playing both lead roles ‘ is damaging, misses the point and definitely a p!ss and mick take.

It’s too-fousand-and-bloody-sixteeeeeen. WTF has there not been any consistency in TV so that they wouldn’t feel the need to bring up an actor’s skin colour? You’re not getting off the hook that easily Mr and Mrs BBC- Eastenders doesn’t count and Channel 4 has and is out-performing you in terms of on-screen diversity in it’s entertainment shows. We need more diversity (gender, class, sex, race etc) behind the scenes and upstairs too…

That said, Undercover better deliver tonight…innit?!


Miss Brown says…Tune in ;D

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