Form An Orderly Queue: Som Saa-tional Cocktails and Good Thai-mes in Spitalsfields!

Yeah I got a bit carried away with the wordplay on this title, you’ll get over it in a sec though so read on innit?!

I have had my eye on this place since it’s pop-up in Hackney (didn’t make it then and my partner in crime has been bangin’ on about it ). Since mid March I’ve been keeping a close eye and ear out for it’s soft launch.

Miss Brown got around and gatecrashed the chilled out new Som Saa.#grinninteeth

Early bird: Bar area/ dinning with team Som Saa
main dinning room/ open kitchen

They crowdfunded to get investment for Spitalfields and raised the budget within 2 days. Tooow- daaayz!? Raaahted! That’s love!

I called in the week before (tried to) there was no number. I am resilient and I don’t do queues- don’t you know who I think I am? KMT! I turned up at the empty venue at 5.50pm whilst the staff were getting ready on April 9th uninvited…and got invited! Boom!

I had the most sexy and exotic mango and chilli martini reconstructed exclusively by the super talented Christine Schneider at the bar. The girl kick’s ass!

Miss Brown’s  Mango and Chilli Martini: mango, pineapple, coconut cream and chilli

I also had a bespoke concoction feat jasmine tea, tarmarind and cranberry which was ace- the mango was the winner though!

Jasmine Tea and Tarmarind: Lush! #nofilters

Head chef at Som Saa is Andy Oliver who is trained by David Thompson- who I met at Alan Yau’s Naamyaa Cafe a couple of years ago in Islignton- it was my fave thai restaurant (R.I.P) alongside Yau’s franchise Busaba, thanks to David heading up the kitchen, where Andy also trained (Grace Dent didn’t know that). It served the best sweetly succulent jasmine smoked ribs ever (like Hakkasan’s but better, cheaper and without the pretentiousness). I had at least 2 portions every time and one night I managed 6! #justsaying

Luckily some of the dishes have made it to Som Saa- the ‘instagramable Seabass’, a juicy whole fish served sitting up on the plate- I’ll be back for it next time.

Christine recommended the veg curry which was not on the menu- and judging by her mocktails, I went with her. I ended up sharing two portions. It was de-lish!

Skills in a bowl!

Starters was Pad Pak (middle) which was really flavoursome with nice textures, the shitake mushrooms were good. I also shared the ‘funky’ Som Tam Issan salad with fish sauce and the familiar Som Tam Thai- both good and the latter with peanuts and the zesty zing (left) was best. It was like an electrifying amuse bouche!


The staff were passionate, cool and happy to ‘veg up’ the menu or remove meat bits in the dishes to accomodate my temporarily restricted diet. It’s testament that veggies don’t need to go to ‘veggie joints’ all the time, there’s alot of flexible eat-outs in town-  dench!

They also got us a selection of fresh exotic fruit for dessert…

Jackfruit, lychees, guava, pineapple…and all that jazz

The food is abit expensive- curry dishes start at £12.50 with salads from £9 and you can definitley taste the quality and freshness of the ingredients. By the time we got to nyamin’, it got pretty full with an eclectic mix of invited peeps and couples. I strolled out cheerfully stuffed and smug for getting in early and hangin with the team- this should help me pass the queue for a table next month to tuck into the meat dishes and instagram that sexy fish!

This will be one of the most hyped eat-outs this year!

Miss Brown says…Get down! ;D




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