The Referendum: IN / OUT = JOKE!

Gosh! The scaremongering and hype this week! It’s actually getting tedious.This referundum shibizzle (after all this time!) is the crudest and most condescending way of giving the people ‘power’ to fix the issues that need fixing aint it?

Miss Brown’s got around to thinking it’s all farcical. A referundum is what we’re given and it’s inadequate. Voting is important, things need to change and some of the posters I’ve seen from both sides this week are…full of breeze!


Don’t get #gassed.

If you trust these guys (and the EU) with your life more than your best friend, spouse or even yourself AND have been privy to EU discussions with the leaders since Blair was boss til now then fair enough. You know wagwan bredren, go with haste and vote. I rate you!

If you don’t- relax your skin, you don’t know the full story.

Undecided? It’s a good thing- don’t make a rash decision or in any case just go and tear up your paper in protest of the whole mess. Clearly shi!t aint working and it’s likely we’ll ‘remain’ so ‘we can work out the problems together’. A referendum is not going to remove that elephant(s) in the room. It’s worse to vote based on propaganda however believable or ideal.


Did the other EU nations promise “We’ll make your economy stronger, housing affordable and plentiful, cost of living and university fees cheaper, create more jobs instantly and we get along nicely forever and ever if you guys remain?”


If we ‘leave’ my guess is it would be like one of those long term relationships that break up… It’s hard and annoying at first or fun and uplifting. Yet somehow eventually you still have sex occasionally and even go on holidays together. And you still share the same friends …And the kids mean you’ll always have a bond. But you’re totally definitely not together anymore and you’re 100% self-sufficient. #KMT

Whatever you/ Britain decide the world won’t stop. There will still be divisions after tomorrow. Anything can happen (look at Ireland v Italy last night) see?!


Miss Brown’s all bullsh!t. Vote Banksy! ;D



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