Johnny: Drugs, Dramas and Madness with a Cockney Heart

Last week Miss Brown got around to The Bridewell Theatre to catch Kwame Augustine’s debut play ‘Johnny’. Interestingly, I have known Actor/ Writer/ Producer/ Model (and whatever he sets his mind to) Kwame for over 5 years- on Facebook. Yep. We accidentally met in Soho for the first time a month before the show after he called out my (full) name on road.

I turned round like huh?? and then…

…Jokes at first sight! #grinninteeth

Eventually we got it together bringin’ the #swag…

…Kindered spirits #melanin

Johnny showed for three nights- fully selling out on the Monday which is impressive. Kwame played the lead role of ‘Johnny’- a pretty fucked up alcoholic, drug-a-holic and loveable retard. With a refreshing cockney accent. The story of Johnny is a portrayal of a larger-than-life, fun-loving dude with opportunities and potential somehow deliberately or desperately trying to waste it whilst hurting those around him- especially in his violent rages (Johnny Depp springs to mind!). It is not until later, where we realise his childhood abandonment from his prostituting mother and the physical abuse of his past that we finally have some sort of explanation for his illogical behaviour.

Kwame’s performance was pretty electrifying. With all the energy he was putting into it I also saw the passion and ease- the boy’s a natural. #justsaying

…team Johnny

Fortunately he also had a good supporting cast, notably from his ‘nit-wit with hearts’ best friends ‘Walkers’ (Simon Woodcock) and ‘Dave’ (below).

The show was directed by Darren Oderinde with a live DJ and simple production- the use of lights and freeze-frames to change scenes/ time.

Although I think it could be developed further, this cockney British drama with its laughs and pain is deep. ‘Johnny’ is his own worst enemy. The cliff-hanger ending also questions if he’ll win the fight to turn his life around.

Lewis Djbb as Dave

It was also a good press night with complementary cocktails and cupcakes!

The star’s fam were also out in support including ‘Nana Augustine’ who recently starred in the Tarzan movie- so that’s where the talent’s coming from!

To our delight afrobeats blasted for the encore and he got the crowd bubbling with azonto vibes!


Later, the cast got to the bar for cocktails before the after party at Mahiki…

…the female cast in #formation

I really get around- I also caught the production crew, a trio of talented East London teenagers who designed the staging including making the bar from scratch! #teamjohnny


I look forward to seeing more of Kwame and ‘Johnny’- a film/TV version could be coming so watch this space…

…Proud of this guy! #unlimitedcapabilities

It’s great seeing young, multi-talented creatives doing ‘it’ and inspiring others…

For more on Kwame and his upcoming projects check out

or follow @kwameaugustine

Miss Brown says…Well done bruv! ;D

Instagram: @missbrowngotaround


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