The New Classic Shorts- List at Hawksmoor!


Last week Miss Brown got around to Hawksmoor Air Street to check out a couple of their new cocktails coming out very soon. One of my favourite classics is their Precursory Cocktail which has a nice sweet vermouth taste and is also great for a digestif.

I sipped its senior relative (the Grandad apparently)… the Adonis!


This cocktail dates back to the 1880’s and legend has it, it was named after a Broadway show which had 500 runs…or it was named after the Greek God (either way not the dude who made it!). It’s made with Sherry, sweet Vermouth and Orange Bitters so it’s low in alcohol too. For me, it’s well balanced, complex in an interesting way and not as sweet as the Percursory therefore more of an Aperitif.


Obviously I couldn’t be at the bar without a dessert now that my #eatclean vibe is on holiday-mode, so I got round to a big portion of the ever indulgent ‘Crunchie Bar’.#foodporn

…my kinda dinner…and breakfast…and lunch!

There will be several other classic short cocktails and the odd tall one (below) alongside ‘The Adonis’ coming shortly on a board by the bar…

Zesy and refreshing!

Hawksmoor Air Street has been one of my fave drinking joints for years (top 2) and it’s probably why I still haven’t done a proper blog on them yet- I’ve been keeping it to myself! The bar staff are awesome- they’re my homies and they’ve got skills! #justsaying

While we’re at it, here’s a shout-out to the Adonis that served me, super cool Max O!#drool

2016-08-23 19.45.14
Mixology G…

Go check it out and have a Crunchie Bar before it’s off the menu:

Miss Brown says…


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