Woman Crush Feb: Young, Gifted and Bad-ass Michaela Coel

Yep February’s crush is on a superwoman closer to home a cray force of nature with brains, beauty and WTF? humour, BAFTA award winning Miss Michaela Coel.

Copy: Channel 4


If there’s anyone out there that looks a bit like me, or just feel outta place trying to get into performing or this kinda stuff, I just say you’re beautiful- embrace it, you are intelligent- embrace it,  you are powerful- embrace it…” #motivation


Copy: Channel 4


Copy: Channel 4


It is exhilarating to see a young multi-talented BOSS babe on screen who I can relate to directly and indirectly- it’s been about bloody time!!

Just another day washing dildos…


If you haven’t watched any episodes of her cray but frank comedy series ‘Chewing Gum’ since it launched on screens last year, take a moment to reflect on your embarrassment, know that I am giving you the ‘people’s eyebrow’, and take a deep breath. Now click any of these links to get skooled…



There was a furore when Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ came out like a game changer but honestly, other than ‘unconventional’ female characters there wasn’t enough I could relate to or care about even though I really rate her. #justsaying

For me, this is the real game changer especially in mainstream British TV for a long while (big up channel 4 and Talawa Theatre) and on a personal level it’s #GOALS.

T.I.N.A #slay


Her character ‘Tracey Gordon’ is sooo extra! She talks about sex like the weather, she’s of Ghanaian heritage and on top of her immense creativity and writing, she has a banging’ athletic body. #canttouchthis




Looking forward to series 3 already!!

Find out what she’s getting up to on Insta: @michaelacoel




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