New Braids, New Slays

A couple of weeks ago I got round to Headmaster’s Senior Academy to get ma hair did- I don’t do Salons unless it’s work (or free!) so I went to model for their Afro Hair course training stylists with little or no experience working on ‘afro-type’ hair. Thanks to the rise of natural hair models and melanin- rich girls being #woke and speaking up of inexperienced or inconsiderate hair stylists f@cking up their hair (crown), there’s rising demand for industry stylists to finally get their sh!t together and embrace the magic and diversity of ‘afro’ hair. #JustSaying


Before….Hair @Rachbraidz Photog: Andrew Smith

I’d been rockin’ those ‘rows for a couple of months thanks to the compliments- especially from random strangers coming up to me like they’ve just seen God #Gassed. However it was over-grown so I killed two birds and got Headmasters to take it out and condition the new growth (no work for me!) It also helps them learn how to prep from old to new, ‘cos that’s where the real skills is at, get me?


Getting that #HandsOn VIP treatment…

After taking out the braids and a shampoo, Mizani Moisturefusion Cream Conditioner was applied (infused with almond and coconut oils- no parabens, mineral olis or alcohol. Just the #GoodShit. Award-winning celebrity stylist Nicole Iroh put a heat-cap on top to leave under a gentle heat for 10-15mins to simmer and dry before adding Mizani Butter Rich Cream and stretching out my 4B/C hair. Stylist Sian then trimmed a couple of inches off before apprentices Ellesse and Melissa got to work…


As I had a fashion show the week after, which needed my hair up and other work where I couldn’t have colours (Drat!) I chose a simple and effective look to show off my #JawGame

My hair was dutch braided (2 at each side and joined at the back with 4 smaller going up). Three large braids were done at the top going forward and curving at the side. If you want more volume or length to style with, you can Expressions synthetic braiding hair. With this you can also pin on an attachment in-between your braids to make the ‘cinnamon swirl’ or coiling look using hair grips to hold in place. That’s it.


After…Ready for my close-up  #Natural

Shout out to this dynamic duo who got ma hair did…


Mellisa and Ellesse got skills!

I left the Salon happily knowing that other than moisturising the scalp, I didn’t have to do anything to it. It can last a month easily.


Obviously I funked up the look with the signature swag later! #NewBraidsNewSlays




If don’t know anyone who can braid and want to try this style or others, don’t go to Braid Bar, who are frontin’ ATM like they invented the sacred art of braiding- it’s mostly suited to blondes #KMFT.

Go down to a ‘black’ or Afro-Carribean hair salon- there’s plenty of them about town and they BLEED braids- they deserve the support.

You can also check out Headmaster’s training courses here:


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