Obsession: Jude Law’s Abs Couldn’t Save This Sh!t-show

I’ll cut to the chase and be frank- it’s sh!t. A poor interpretation of the original Italian 1940’s movie Ossessione.

The best bit? When it hadn’t started…

..It looked promising

Jude Law (Gino) appeared woefully embarrassing despite his efforts, he came across like a bad actor trying desperately to be intense, the dialogue came out contrived and overall it all felt silly. Jude’s not all to blame though, the director et al obviously wanted this!


The sudden love affair between Gino and ‘Hanna’ was…Nope! The rest of the cast and ‘artsy’ production was incorrect, especially with the ‘homo-erotic’ moments which were badly executed.  The ‘oil showers’ were dramatic yet used to cringe-worthy effect and the slow-motion projections were cheesy AF!

This was at the Barbican, with a high-brow cast and they still churned this #EpicFail

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid

I left about 10mins before it finished although some left much earlier, several of those who stayed laughed on in disbelief. Law’s abs couldn’t save it- I’ve got and seen better, see my ‘L.O.V.E’ article for proof #JustSaying

In case you’re wandering, here’s the original plot- which this show didn’t grasp: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035160/

Art is subjective and open to interpretation. I rate the committment from the actors. On this occasion, it was hard to interpret this joke as anything better than diarrheatic. #YesButNo

Verdict: Are you taking the p!ss??


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