Sassy, Savage and Bad-assy: AW17 Highlights with Billie Jacobina, Jack Irving and Pam Hogg



Last season I said I’d DO a show for Feb and so I did. For one of my fave young designers Billie Jacobina! #Goals

Her AW17 presentation of pink-power was the most packed at Fashion Scout!

On top of that, I shot the (above) live on stage for Vogue, so yeah…I smashed it. #FeelinMyself

…Love at first sight. Meeting Billie at SS17!

Modelling for Billie was a case of ‘duuuuhhhh’. I’d been wearing her clothes on the FROW in Sept like she made them for me. I love her fun textiles, prints and shapes which are cray yet wearable!

This season she went on some #NextLevelShit with stylist Manrutt to create this…


Now let me introduce you to the rest of the cool-as-funk squad:

And also…

from left: @stefaninurdingxx melanin poppin models @liiissha and @charliiamlegend

The full line-up after HMU…

From left @luka_dame_0  @Arabella_dj @ @fabinnesworld 

Another highlight of Billie’s show was that she used Models, Bloggers, DJ’s ( even a Skateboarder!) and general cool peeps. This was sassy, bad-assy and on the money. Her models represented, streamed live on Insta /Snapchat and also showcased the thirst for gender fluidity and unisex clothing #Formation

Billie’s presentation was strong with a sense of unity and love against all the fun. It was more than a show- it was a party and we rocked it like #IWokeUpLikeThis


Seriously, it was work…hard work… (1)
Fun times skateboarder Stef #FreeTheNipple

The papps got their fix too!


Here’s my on-stage footage with the papps in a frenzy:

copy @yasminbbrown

Billie will be showing again in September (wooop!!) so do keep an eye on her via facebook and Insta @billie.jacobina !! Here’s more footage from the day

I rocked my sassy look One’s To Watch ft Nigerian designer Bayo of Orange Culture, who I spotted last summer at the rails of the BFC Showspace and proclaimed he deserved a LFW catwalk show … #IKnowMyShit

Tun up to da spot like… #LessIsMore

Here’s a sample of the Ones To Watch. Bayo was def a stand out with his fluid and tailored menswear collection…

Ones To Watch- Bayo’s piece (right)

He also got the FROW melanin poppin!

After-show vibes with Bayo!

After checking out Mark Fast and Ashley Isham I also bumped into some walking work of art…

I’ve been at Fashion Scout so much Security get a papp when Miss Brown gets around!

Jerome is such a professional…and always on good vibes!

Then I rushed off to Oxo Tower for On/Off- but not before charging my phone at Itsu and meeting fab fashion blogger @Howste!


On/Off presented Luke Anthony Rooney, Timothy B- Forge and Jack Irving, who was the stand-out designer thanks to his inta-galactic inflatable divas that literally hit the FROW in the face #Savage

Here’s insight into the show featuring Luke’s colourful and tailored pieces and Timothy’s textured shapes…

Check out footage of all the designers here:

Like I said- Jack was on another planet! It was his first ever LFW because he’d been rejected for being too ‘costume’ and OTT (WTF??!) so I was bloody thankful to On/Off founder Lee for selecting him to show!


I got backstage to big up the designers and learn more about their journey since graduating. Jack mentioned how his medical professional boyfriend was hands on helping him with the collection…

IMG_2178 (2)
catching up with Jack after his show

Here’s the rest of the graduates…

Check out my flash interview with Central Saints graduate Jack Irving:

I also caught ES Mag’s and my fashion god-father Maurice on the FROW. You’ll never know just how next-levels this guy is…always makes my week!

Always a dapper highlight!

And then congratulated Lee on a fantastic event!

Lee Lapthorne chillin’ after another fab season! #Skills

Day 2 I rocked this get-up I chucked on It still caught the eye of UAL illustration student Amie Twiner, who turned me into…


Art! It’s now my official logo #Pow

…It’s going up  on the wall too! #IAmArt

Day 3 I rocked another Billie Jacobina AW17 piece with a Sex Pistols T while my homegirl Cashka went hard with her own denim design #Swag

IMG_2414 (1)
Dont Queue. Roll Through…

The main event was MAJOR. An iconic bad-ass who carefully chooses her muses rather than standard agency models, an ode to her anti-establishment roots. It was the Hogg.

Pam Hogg!!! Fashion Scout’s resident rockstar- the most anticipated, A-list and atmospheric build-up to a show at Freemason’s Hall. Always. It was sooooo packed I would’ve been grateful to get a seat on the floor. I managed to stroll through and take a seat with the Winstone’s instead. Obvs!

Pam presented her ‘Army of Lovers’…


The show was beautiful, her signature punk influences came through without needing to scream and she used a nice mix of textiles (PVC, silk, sequins) and a dash of colour here and there.

Models included her mates Alice Dellal, Ellie Winstone (Ray’s youngest daughter), Nick Rhodes from Duran-Duran and Ferne Cotton

Pam with Alice and Ferne

The A-list crowd included Noel Fielding, Siouxsie-sioux, Ellen Von Unwerth, Lisa Snowdon and the Winstone clan! Ray mentioned the fashion stuff is ‘a load of old boll***s’ but when it come’s to Pam, he’s interested. Innit?!

Ray was reppin!

And then it was afterparty vibes at the infamous BungaBunga playing some oldskool funk! I had a boogie with Pam (it’s on my instagram) before working my pout-game with Jamie #Winning

I got some #FuckEm words of wisdom and laughs from punk-rock #Legend Siouxsie-Sioux and the lovely Arakis

This. Is. Epic #YouCantSitWithUs

From all the shows I saw all week (about 20) these were my true highlights. How many bloggers and vloggers did it like this? #missbrowngotaround

The next day I was soo gassed I left my trousers at home!

My home from home during LFW

There were some other great moments to mention briefly such as Rohmir’s show which had a Spanish theme with a couture edge and strong tailored looks…

But my highlight was the orgasmic flamenco dancer who got the FROW drooooolin!!!  #OMFG

Fashion Scout closed the week with designer David Ferreira’s Freakball…

See a preview here:

Oh and here’s me with @Ivymae looking dope AF afterwards…


Some of the cool bloggers, designers, models, fashionistas I met over the week…

Wait, there’s more…

Yep…I really got around and there was sooo much content, many which didn’t make this blog (it’s already looking like an essay!) But damn…it’s been nice lookin back!

Two of the shows I wished I’d got round to were Joshua Kane (OMG you need to check it out- he’s also pretty entertaining with Boomerang) and the funky and colourful Ashish!!!

Funkin’ hell- London’s still got it. AW17 repped !!

#UnlimitedCapabilities streetstyle shot by @abdiwali_samatar 

Until next time… (2)

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