Woman Crush July: Boxing’s Olympic Queen- Nicola Adams

You may have noticed I often wait ’til after the month to publish my woman crush, that’s because it gives me time for any last-min game changers. Nicola is my crush for July because she was the first female to win an Olympic title in 2012- I know, it’s taken that long! #TheStruggleIsReal



She’s been praised for being openly bisexual (who isn’t nowadays?) Ok I guess most of you lot are ‘hiding’ or unaware. Anyways it’s not a big deal. But it somehow is. Apparently.


Back in 2001 she was also the first ever ‘woman boxer’ to rep England. It really has taken that long. Several years later, when she couldn’t get funding to support her boxing goals she took on acting (as an extra) in soaps like Coronation Street and Eastenders and worked as a builder to earn an income to keep the dream alive. That’s how bad she wanted it. That’s how hard she worked behind the scenes. It paid off. She’s a boss babe #GoGetIt




Within two years she won gold at ‘London-twenny-twelve’, Commonwealth games two years after and gold at Rio 2016. Brap!!




Last year she officially became a professional boxer and in-between times she’s been the face of major brands like M&S, Aviva and E45 cream as well as struttin’ her stuff at the Vin and Omi SS17 catwalk during LFW. #Levels




She has one of the best smiles ever, she works bloody hard and keeps it real as far as I know, and let’s be honest I’m partial to a good set of abs. Most importantly she’s funkin ambitious and positive widdit. #Goals

She also got an OBE after 2012. Nicola, you’re a badass!!




She’s still on the acting and modelling scene too, go follow her @Nicolaadamsobe

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*I do not own the images on Nicola. FYI #JustSaying





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