Woman Crush October: Bad.Gal. RiRi


To be fair, since I was away for August and I was at her Fenty Beauty launch last month, she’s also September’s crush #MightAsWell





Last month I ended my LFW season on a high as  I got round to Harvey Nick’s (not Weinstein’s thank god!) for her exclusive launch party with DJ Debby Coda on set and @BigPimpinGaspa of the Graffiti Kings making customised pieces.


20170920_000032 (1)


Although this was the official UK launch, the products had already previously sold out. #Damn


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (61)


I was also reppin behind the scenes doing promo, so I was given a (boring) black vest, quickly touched up in her Fenty Beauty products Killawatt (Trophy Wife) and some gloss on the lips- no foundation needed. #Glow




Edward Enninful came to rep. He was the biggest name in the room after @BadGalRiRi. Leomie Anderson (face of Fenty) also came through in her LAPP gear with BFF Breeny- when Rihanna came through, Leomie and her gang was truly chill- they were shackin’ out on the dancefloor. Here some of her antics posted from the photobooth… #DoYou




Anyways here’s Riri comin through…


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (58)


Another highlight on the night was seeing  my boy @Ramivision (Fabric’s young Don!!) who came to support DJ Debby. He really got the VIP treatment… #Goals


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (57)
@Rami vision getting in on the hype…


The cocktail menu was also on point. Other guests I bumped into ( Malika Firth, Molly Goddard, Talia Storm and Charlie Barker ) sipped on some sexy Margarita’s and Rose Champers. The Margarita was lit, here’s the list…





Inside there were lots of products around (when I say lots I mean wayyyy too much) for people to try (or steal!) as well as a large team of make-up artists doing touch ups and testing to give each guest their foundation match.


One of the things that set her collection apart from major beauty brands is the broad spectrum of shades available repped by models from all over the world…




There was (finally) alot of LOVE and consideration for the #MelanainPopping gang


Dem ones…


Guests left with a goody bag with unique matching foundation, Killawatt, and Matchstix highlighter. I got two foundations…I don’t even wear skin make-up but it’s Fenty Beauty innit? And it’s free! #DemOnes



ezgif.com-video-to-gif (60)
…all the goodies


I’m not gonna lie, other than testing it at home I still haven’t used it- I don’t wear/need skin make up, I like my natural glow. I will use it at one of my upcoming shoots though. #JustSaying


Pro filtr 460/ 670 #FentyBeauty


She actually stayed the night going back and forth from her VIP room and jammed at the cocktail bar at the end of the night for about an hour. Chillin. #SitDownBeHumble





This month she also launched more pieces from her Puma collab and was nominated for Urban Luxe Brand Award by the BFC!! #Major




Oh and last week she dropped this…it’s a bigger deal than it looks. #Levels




This girl is flames!


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