Warehouse XMas Campaign



Yep, it’s that time of the year when ladies are bombarded with what to wear for the festive parties and it’s 9/10 regurgitated, re-vomited sparkly uniforms. I ain’t about that life, so I’m just going to show you BTS of my feature (yay I didn’t get cut in final edit!) for Warehouse’s christmas style ad which star’s Julia Restoin Roitfield- daughter of ex French Vogue editor, Caroline. #Major




The ad was shot at the stunning Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley and it was a really fun day, seriously, we got looked after and I’m always up for dancing, let alone being paid for it.

I gotta add that JRR was chill and really friendly, she didn’t act like was ‘above’ anybody and the squad overall were fun.


@JuliaRestoinRoitfield working the camera


I really like the diversity of looks for this campaign and that I got to rock my pink and blue #braidsgang look…


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (63)
getting around behind the scenes like…


Julia’s multi-glitter dress is prob my fave from the collection. I don’t like dark/safe colours (especially at parties) so I was feeling the gold as it stands out on camera and shows of my rich pigmentation innit? #JustSaying

Here’s some more of the squad on set…



We had a healhy start to the day and a wicked thai vegan curry for lunch. When it got to the evening- this happened…


dem ones…


The ad was released last month on @warehouseuk and their site.




Glad I got a ‘recognised’ feature at least as a couple of models were edited out! #TheStruggleISReal

Look how I worked my back and profile for this shot though…






Check out the full online ad via this link- look out for the glod dress:



Hit me up on Insta!








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