Woman Crush Nov: Adwoa Aboah

This is probably going to be the most biased crush (until next month’s) because there are really two main reasons why Adwoa was my WC last month- and yes it did help that we have the same namesake #JustSaying




Adwoa got the cover of the first #BritishVogue publication under Edward Enninful- not just the first guy to run it, but also the first Ghanaian. Ghanaian!!




Adwoa (pronounced A-J-O-W-A) is also half Ghanaian. #GhanaStandUp

Personally this was enough reasons for seriously crushin, however biased. I have been sooo thirsty for this.




Ok ok…she also won ‘Model of the Year’ at the fashion awards on Monday. In truth, her platform Gurls Talk is major, in truth it’s her biggest accomplishment as it is a project beyond her. It’s a legacy she has created which mean sooo much to sooo many people who identify themselves as ‘female’.






It’s been soooo dope seeing lots of Ghanaians doing big things in the mainstream this year- finally! And having a UK/Ghanaian model grace the cover of the hotly tipped issue is #Major or as my fellow Ghanaians would say ‘Eny3 easy kraaa’.  I thought the styling could’ve been more ‘new’ or different but hey, Adwoa slaaaaaayed. #Ahoof3


Here’s to more Ghanaian and melanin- rich faces on the cover of Vogue and other leading Magazines. #Goals




Aite now somebody tell Edward I’m ready for my close up…


ezgif.com-video-to-gif (56)




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