Live DJ, Late licence and a #UniDeer: Granary Square Brasserie’s the cool kid in KX!

The latest venture of Richard Caring’s Ivy Collection opened 6th December in Kings Cross. Between 10th-17th I went twice. On the 11th it hosted GQ Magazine’s christmas party where 400 bottles of champagne went within 5 hours!!! Guests included Tinnie Tempah, Joshua Kane and amazing restaurateur Jeremy King. I’m 99% sure I’ll be back before New Years thanks to the exceptional service from the front of house and the new direction of this joint. #Levels


Granary Square Brasserie shot by Jean Cazals (5)


If you saw my review of the Soho opening earlier this year, you know I’m a fan of Mr Caring’s work and for me- the front of house service are as important as the food or even more so- because it makes the experience innit? Let me take this moment to shout out Walid, Ula, Will, Jack and the ever so dapper, Harry Bown (General Manager).



On both visits I had the signature Crispy Duck Salad (£7.95) to start and tried the new Calamari dish. The salad was as good as always and although my favourite calamari dish in London is Busaba Eathai’s (#JustSaying) the sauce that came with this one was…mood! It was sooo good and you could taste and feel it was freshly made. It makes the dish.



For mains I had the new Thai Mussels ( £13.95) which were impressive not just on flavour but the size of the mussels- juicy. The dish comes with rice but I recommend swapping for Sourdough bread so you can soak up the sexy sauce better. #TooMuchSauce




I also tried BAE’s Swordfish (£15.50) with chimichuri which was pretty lit.




Since it was my birthday week and I was back on ‘sh!t-sugars’ I had two desserts on my first visit- the original Cherry Ice Cream Sundae and the Chocolate Bomb. Can’t go wrong with either- the meringues in the sundae was a nice touch, not only making it sweet as f@ck but adding that crunch to the texture. The honeycomb inside the bomb was perfect.#SkinnyPig




On the second visit I had the Christmas Bomb, a boozier, seasonal twist on the original. It went a  lil like this… #Yasssss (64)


Check out their menu here:




I predict Granary Square to give the likes of Caravan and Lighterman a run for its money and it’ll be the new hang out for UAL students and young professionals in the area. GSB keeps the glamorous Ivy look and service whilst creating a new identity of its own. Seriously. Gone is the boring piano/ jazz background- now its house and club music and daily evening DJ sets! #Tunup




The new venue also takes advantage of the 24-hour trains schedule so the bar is open until 2am with food available until midnight. Those CSM students next door are really getting spoilt! Inbetween champers I had their signature Flying Scotsman cocktail as well as a #offmenu Rum Punch from Head Barman, Will…




Another USP is the semi-private dining area (below) which seats up to 12 people- no minimum spend nonsense or set menu restrictions. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout #Dench




On both visits I was spoiled like a biiiiaaaaach. I can’t guarantee you will too, still, you’ll  be in a beautiful surrounding with good food and service- depending on your company it can easily turn into a full on parrrry!




Oh and Richard put out some major decorations at the front including the now infamous #Unideer. Go check it before it ride’s off!




Tell ’em Miss Brown sent you.






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