Woman Crush Jan: Beastmode Brittne

First off, shout out to my #FitFam crew- the one’s that are about that lifestyle for life…not just the first 2 weeks of May and Jan every year. Power over size, marathon not a race innit?




Jan 18’s Woman Crush is the young dynamite of a fitness trainer,  Brittne @BrittneBabe. Yep. I’m all for strong female bodies. It takes a strong mind to create that. When this babe started out she could only do one push-up. Look at her now. #MindOverMatter




Brittne is such a breath of fresh air in the industry. Even in London, if you looked at the fitness brands and female models ‘fronting it’ commercially, not many sweat it out or look like Brittne.  Most fitness models I’ve seen (and worked with) just look like average models, barely any sculpting or muscle definition. WTF!? The irony is there are many defined, ‘wedge’ models out there- but commercially, they are hidden. And that’s why I’m highlighting Britt. Shout out also to Davina MaCall by the ways- she’s been on it proper!



OK, back to Brittne- not only does she work hard legit but she also works smart. I’ve seen her building her brand, her content and her credibility over some time  using social media and it’s funkin’ dope. She’s got a good team behind her and she’s making some good commercial decisions like a true #BossBabe.



She can help you sculpt your booty, your abs, get your #ThighGameStrong or just maintain what you already have. I also love that she trains almost anywhere and flaunts the funk out of her strong, fit, richly melanated body! #Yasss



There is a ‘BrittCamp’ section on the site for members with exclusive content and a community forum to connect with others on their journey. There are a selection of workouts available for you to choose from, regular challenges and a wide range of meal plans and ideas- all accessible on your phone and on the go.



Brittne Babe is savage not just in her body sculpting but for her dedication, hard work and creativity in how she approaches her career. She does her training videos with a sprinkle of sass and a big dollop of girl power- and she loves getting in the sun…half naked. My kinda vibes. #LessIsMore


She is unapologetically hot. And I love how she shows off her rich skin. #MelaninPoppin


That Kente print tho @brtittnebabe


As for you deadbeats who pathetically messed up on your 2018 fitness announcements (you know who are, showing off your expensive new kitwear or every single training session like you also became a qualified PT or a mothafunkin’ health guru…’llow it!!! ) If you’re one of them who didn’t quite deliver or stopped because it was ‘only for Jan’, get the funk back on it and check out Brittne’s YouTube and Instagram to keep going.




Remember- at least 70% is down to what you eat if you want to stay consistent once you get IT. Mind over matter. So if unlike some people (me!) you aint blessed with good genes and a holy grail of a metabolism, make sure you keep your diet in check regardless. #JustSaying


Check out Brittne’s website here: https://www.brittnebabe.com/

Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22l9RNi8gRrh2BpDZOoLVg




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