Marvel-ous: Black Panther




Wow. Deep. Exciting.


The way technology is blended with culture and identity (politics) is siiiiick. It’s marvel-ous!


Before you start, Black Panther hasn’t made me more proud to be African, I’ve been WOKE since way before social media, it’s really exciting now Marvel are finally telling the mainstream and Hollywood, “Here’s what you’ve been missing…b!tches.”


Even on opening night, stars were out in traditional African-wear on the red (purple) carpet which goes against the strict ‘black tie’ rules. #Represent



The anticipation is real…



I have now watched this film twice in 3 days (13th and 15th). I have never, ever watched a movie twice in the cinema. I have also never bought a figurine/toy ever,  but #BlackPantherMadeMeDoIT. I am tempted to leave it here…but I’m still pumped. #BelieveTheHype




I went into Black Panther completely cold. No background research, didn’t even watch the trailers. ‘Wow, deep… exciting’ were my first thoughts when I watched on opening night, kitted out in my Kente ( if you know, you now). Everyone and their cat has been waiting to see this film! Although Blade was Marvel’s first black comic hero, Black Panther is making history. My only criticism is…WTF wasn’t I in it?! #BeHumble


Everything. Makes. Sense


That was my first thought when I saw it for the second time this afternoon and as I type this…I am sooo gassed chale- I am actually going to miss the Vin & Omi show starting in 20mins. From seeing Black Panther a second time (opening night in Vue, Stratford was an experience itself.  There was a power-cut within 30mins of the film, when the power eventually came on and the film continued we were all evacuated out of the building 20mins later ino the car park for about 40mins, before going back to continue. It took over 4 hours to see the end of this movie and it was worth it. Some have claimed sabotage…cos haters gonna hate innit?) #JustSayin.



Opening night scenes…



Anyways, Marvel are very smart on this one. The allegory in the story keeps it interesting and complex, attention #ForTheCulture is impressive (trust me on that) and the way the women are showcased is…truth.




Anyone concerned about the potential ‘clichés’ needs to read between the lines- in my opinion, it’s all there for a reason ( Martin x Malcolm). Black Panther follows a typical Marvel structure but because its Black Panther, and its a hero like never before (thanks to the world of Wakanda) its original and it speaks truth about Africa’s real history.





But let’s not forget- peeps turned up and turned out for this chale! There was lots of african print in the theatre when I went on openining night too…




Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Mbaku ( Winston Duke) were my favourite characters. Danai Gurira killed it- for me she’s the star of the show. The ‘baddie’ is also ace- classic. I’m not giving anything else away other than this- make sure you sit through all the credits, there’s a couple of surprises. I am now IG friends with Wakanda warrior AYO @hollywoodladyJ#Yasss





I can’t wait for part two. This is the beginning of a franchise. Doors should finally open for certain people in the industry, by hook or by crook- just from the inspiration and motivation this film offers. Go and see it- and see it twice if you can.


Wakanda. Forever.




4 thoughts on “Marvel-ous: Black Panther

  1. So. Don’t beat around the bush. Did you like it or what?

    On 16 February 2018 at 13:50, missbrowngotaround wrote:

    > Miss Brown Got Around posted: ” Wow. Deep. Exciting. The way > technology is blended with culture and identity (politics) is siiiiick. > It’s marvel-ous! Before you start, Black Panther hasn’t made me more > proud to be African, I’ve been WOKE since way befor” >

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    1. Amazing post Miss Brown, loved it! I went to see it yesterday and I am sure you will be the main actress on part 2. Ca$h For Life and Friends Forever.😘💋💕❤️

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