Woman Crush Feb: Danai ‘Okoye’ Gurira

I mean- who else would it be? Seriously.


I’m still shook on Black Panther.  I may watch a third time. The movie wouldn’t be the same without @DanaiGurira’s performance of ‘Okoye’.  The way she can speak volumes with her face alone….spellbinding. On that note, if you haven’t watched the movie since it came out in your city…take Wakanda (and Ghana) off your bucketlist. Now! #YouCantSitWithUs






Despite Danai being a Tony Award-winning playwright (Eclipsed) and a star in The Walking Dead- this is the first time I’ve been introduced to her awesome acting and athletic talent ( thank you team Marvel and Ryan Coogler!) .






In Black Panther she really shined and stole the show for me- not just with her stunning looks and #SizeHero elegance,  “Guns. So primitive”. The type of woman she represented, beautifully embalmed in all that rich melanin, is a representation of many loyal, courageous, sassy and heroic women across the globe,  who look like her, yet get little light in the mainstream.  Anyways, Because I didn’t go to detail in my review (https://missbrowngotaround.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/marvel-ous-black-panther/) here’s a recap to why she’s soooo bad-ass in Black Panther.






Her character’s the leader of Black Panther’s royal army ‘Dora Milaje’ and they’re all bold- in every sense. Even though she stays loyal to Wakanda’s tradition and stays with Kilmonger,  when Black Panther resurfaces to take back his throne, she’s able to re-assess and reassemble her army to protect him- not only that, during Wakanda’s own turmoil she’s the one to stop the war when her husband (W’kabi) is fighting for the opposite side. The scene where she stops his ferocious rhino and he bows to her. Goals. And that car chase with the spear? #POW






Again, if you ain’t watched the movie yet- just watch her #NoKetchupJustSauce of a performance and you’ll see where I’m coming from. Every scene she’s in- she steals. Big-ups to Angela Bassett (can’t believe she’s never won an Oscar! Actually, I guess I can) Lupita Nyongo and Letitia Wright too!






I’m looking forward to seeing her and some of the tribe in Avengers: Infinity War. As long as rich skinned, highly melanated talent is showcased to the full-  I’m choosing Marvel over DC. I am officially a fan.







Oh as a write this, Black Panther has grossed over 700 million globally. Next time someone tries it with ‘Black don’t sell’ BS, use the reference and ask em wakanda nonsense is dat? #WakandaForever






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