BlacKkKlansman: A Lit Spike Lee Joint

On Monday I got round to the premier of Spike Lee’s timely released film followed by a Q&A with the MVP.



I mean that there alone is a bit WTF?! And that’s a good start. #InfiltrateHate



Man like Spike #Legend



Taking some of the ‘cartoonish’ afro’s aside (KMT) the male leads John David Washington (Ron Stallworth) and Adam Driver (Flip) were great but the plot ( sprinkled with humour) wasn’t perfectly executed- and that’s the point. It’s part of the art.  Still, the overall message is spot on. It’s a true Spike Lee joint and the last 20mins speak volumes.


“America would never elect someone like David Duke”

“Really? Coming from a black man that’s pretty naive...” – BlacKkKlansman



Right on #BlacKkKPower



The Q&A made a lot of it make sense- head to my Instagram for some snippets of Spike’s straight talking. #TheJuice

I aint gonna give y’all more than that.

Do da right thing. Go see it.

Nuff said! #BlacKkKpower






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