Woman Crush Feb: Danai ‘Okoye’ Gurira

I mean- who else would it be? Seriously.   I’m still shook on Black Panther.  I may watch a third time. The movie wouldn’t be the same without @DanaiGurira’s performance of ‘Okoye’.  The way she can speak volumes with her face alone….spellbinding. On that note, if you haven’t watched the movie since it came out in your city…take Wakanda (and Ghana) off your bucketlist. Now! #YouCantSitWithUs         Despite Danai being a Tony Award-winning playwright (Eclipsed) and a star in The Walking Dead- this is the first time I’ve been introduced to her awesome acting and athletic talent ( thank … Continue reading Woman Crush Feb: Danai ‘Okoye’ Gurira